Application Development and System Integration

For Application Development and Systems Integration, a one-size-fits-all service approach simply does not work well. The specific needs of each client’s business must be analyzed thoroughly, and then the decisions of whether to buy and tailor or develop their software needs from scratch. This plan must be executed in strict Software Development Lifecycle environment to ensure the optimal functionality of the software design. Our experience in the SDLC methodology has resulted in our clients seeing major increase in profits and efficiency Southern Systems has been working with Corporations, Small business, government and the education sector over the past 15 years developing and maintaining specialized software on all platforms. Our development teams consist of experienced engineers and developer. You can be confident assured that we can handle any application development project your organization requires. We ALWAYS listen to you the client. Today’s technology requires keen details to be placed on the functionality of software in the mobile space. The rapidly growing and changing Internet of Things Technologies are also a consideration for future deployment and functionality. We at Southern systems are experts in the mobile development space and will ensure that your software runs as efficiently in the mobile and Office environments. We are also currently managing major IOT projects. We are a technology and platform-agnostic organization, with expertise in all the major platforms including IBM, AWS, Google, Microsoft, and HP and more. Simply tell us your issue and we will provide you a solution

  • Ed-Tech Strategy
  • Virtual Reality/Artificial Intelligence/Learning Games
  • Learning platforms (Microsoft/Hapara/Google/Apple Classroom)
  • Student Data Security (as defined by Child Protection Laws)
  • Digital Classroom Roster/Register /SIS implementation
  • Ed-tech Software Implementation and Support
  • Emerging Technology Research
  • Ed-Tech Training and Support