Digital Education Technology

All schools are educational institutions are NOT created or perform equally, however in this era; technology can bridge that gap when used effectively. Poorly performing institutions have benefited greatly from the introduction of digital education technology and good intuitions have become even better with the correct education technology and infrastructure. Southern Systems has led the charge over the last 10 years in this space. We have evolved with all the current technologies and platforms and serve many entire school districts globally from Pre-K to University. This fast paced environment incorporates Classroom Management, Learning Technologies, Virtual reality, Games and Artificial Intelligence to serve up education in a new and more relevant format to today’s students. Southern Systems has embraced this fast- paced world of Digital Education and our team has perfected the art of the delivery of the education technologies in this era while already preparing for the next. Our expertise in this space includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Ed-Tech Strategy
  • Virtual Reality/Artificial Intelligence/Learning Games
  • Learning platforms (Microsoft/Hapara/Google/Apple Classroom)
  • Student Data Security (as defined by Child Protection Laws)
  • Digital Classroom Roster/Register /SIS implementation
  • Ed-tech Software Implementation and Support
  • Emerging Technology Research
  • Ed-Tech Training and Support